Surviving, growing and perpetuate in a sustainable way is our socio-environmental responsibility. Learn more about the projects related to this matter, mantained by Polimix.

Human being

Confidence in the Human Being’s potential and in his will to develop is the foundation of Our Philosophy.

Polimix was the first company in the civil construction sector to implement, in partnership with the Iochpe Foundation, the Formare Program, a professional education course that trains young people and mobilizes dozens of volunteers. We offer our facilities and the talent of its integrants to prepare young people for the world of work.


Administrative Assistant and Production Assistant Courses:

  • 900 hours of learning per year
  • 70 volunteer educators per year
  • 213 young people trained since 2011
  • 74% inserted in the labor market
  • 54% working at the Organization
  • In 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic, we offered the entire structure to students to take the course in remote mode.
  • FORMARE MIZU – Rio Grande do Norte

    Industrial Maintenance and Control Operations Assistant Course:

    • 814 hours of learning per year
    • 21 volunteer educators per year
    • 99 young people trained since 2013
    • 65% inserted in the labor market
    • 29% working at the Organization

    Agrisa, a company from the Organization that produces ethanol in Rio de Janeiro, promotes the development of knowledge and skills of young people between 17 and 24 years old, who are in a situation of socioeconomic disadvantage. Classes are taught at Agrisa in partnership with SENAR (National Rural Learning Service).

    • 800 hours of learning per year
    • 137 young people trained since 2009
    • 13% working at the Organization

    Support to the Professionalization Project of Cepac, in Barueri – SP, which serves teenagers from 15 to 18 years old, with a focus on general education for the world of work. Socio-educational workshops on logistics, administrative assistants, information technology, citizenship, English, communication and expression are offered.

    We support the Hurra! Association, in the city of São Paulo, whose objective is to promote integral human development and disseminate the values of educational sport as a means for transforming individuals and, consequently, their social environment.

    In 2020, support for the project Sewing the Future of the Ipê Institute, with the purchase of 650 masks made by the group of women embroiderers from Nazaré Paulista – SP. The objective of this project is to promote entrepreneurship through collective practices capable of generating income. The masks made up were distributed among Polimix integrants, to prevent Covid-19.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has hit thousands of families who have lost their jobs and income. In 2020, we donated 400 basic food baskets to families in social vulnerability, in Santana de Parnaíba – SP.

    In order to offer an active aging process, preserving identity and autonomy, we support the Viver Bem Program of Grupo Vida Brasil, in Barueri – SP, which offers free care to 60 elderly people who participate in music therapy, dance, geropilates, cognitive stimulation, digital inclusion, events and outings.

    Health and Culture

    Health is the main gear of the Human Being who, nourished by culture and knowledge, is capable of developing and transforming society.


    Conducting free vaccination campaigns for our integrants who have been immunized against influenza, measles and rubella. In 2020, 1,115 integrants were immunized.

    Emotional Support

    In 2020, speeches online or outdoors with psychologists about “Mental Health in Pandemic” and “Positive Mental Attitude”.

    Fighting Pandemic

    DVPA, in Paracatu – MG, made 70 ° alcohol donations to the municipality and partner companies. Agrisa, in Cabo Frio – RJ, also donated to institutions, the community, city hall and hospitals. In 2020, more than 4,100 liters were donated. In Colombia, we support city halls in combating Covid-19 by providing concrete mixer trucks to clean roads and public spaces.

    Access to Culture

    In Santana de Parnaíba – SP, integrants are offered:

    – a Leisure Center, with games and social space;

    – a library, with 736 books donated by the integrants themselves.

    Art at School

    Support to Instituto Arte na Escola, a non-profit civil association that qualifies, encourages and recognizes the teaching of art, through the continuous training of teachers of Basic Education. It is based on the premise that Art develops students’ perceptual skills, reflective capacity and encourages the formation of a critical conscience.


    In order to grow with quality of life, the Human Being needs to be inserted in an environment that has been preserved.

    Polimix Agregados, in Santana de Parnaíba – SP, receives concrete waste and, through the crushing process, transforms it again into inputs for civil construction. The aggregate of excellent quality is certified by ABRECON (Brazilian Association for the Recycling of Construction Waste).

    The concern with environmental issues has led the Polimix Organization, since 2007, to invest in activities aimed at preserving the environment.


    Polimix Energia produces ethanol, which besides being a biodegradable fuel, has a lower emission of polluting gases. In the process, there is still generation of bioenergy through biomass. The units in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais produced, in 2020, 120.4 million liters / harvest and 138.4 MW.

    Small Hydroelectric Plants (SHPs)

    Participation in three SHPs in commercial operation totaling 46 MW of installed power, which generate clean and renewable energy through the strength of river waters, in the state of Mato Grosso.

    Wind energy

    Participation in four projects in the states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte, with a capacity to generate 496 MW of clean energy.

    Solar energy

    32 photovoltaic plants for distributed generation of clean and renewable electric energy, with a total installed power of 4,200 kW, supplying 85% of the energy consumption of Polimix Concreto in Brazil. We also have 9 solar power generation projects in the state of Bahia. Together, these solar plants will have 400,000 kW of installed power, enough energy to supply the equivalent of 570 thousand homes.


    Through advanced technology, Polimix Ambiental transforms waste tires and rubber waste into carbon black, steel, fuel oil and gas. In 2020, it was avoided that more than 13.7 thousand tons of tires were discarded in the environment. In order to correctly dispose of waste tires, we have 45 Ecopoints, located in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo.

    Selective Garbage Collection

    All businesses carry out Selective Garbage Collection with local partners. In Santana de Parnaíba – SP, through Avemare, a cooperative formed by ex-pickers, materials that would become garbage are collected, separated and processed to be used as raw material for new products. The program benefits the environment and 83 cooperative families.

    Used Oil Collection

    We carry out the correct disposal of used oils. At Vila Industrial, in Santana de Parnaíba – SP, we provide the community with used oil collection stations. Used oils are collected by a specialized company, which recycles this waste into a base oil again. In 2020, 93,412 liters of used oil were collected.

    Electronic Waste Collection

    We correctly dispose of electronic waste. The materials are collected by a company specialized in the transformation of e-waste. In 2020, 137 kg of e-waste were recycled.

    Knowing the importance of preserving the environment for people’s quality of life, all businesses cultivate green areas.


    The planting of green areas is essential for the preservation of the environment and for the well-being of all. When it occurs on the boundaries of the units, we call it Cerca Viva. It provides improved air quality, thermal comfort, a more beautiful and pleasant environment, protection against winds, preventing the dispersion of dust and reducing noise, improving the quality of life of the surrounding community.

    Plant Nursery

    All units, which have space for cultivation, have a vegetable garden or plant nursery. In Santana de Parnaíba – SP, is our main plant nursery, used to complement protected areas, distribution of fruits and vegetables to integrants and environmental education classes for the community. In 2020, 4,000 eucalyptus, 1,581 ornamental plants, 200 fruit trees and 300 native trees were cultivated.